Patch Collecting for Fun

Everyone likes collecting something, whether pens, basketball cards, artwork, and even old stuff. There’s always something for every collector. Many people also liked collecting patches and enjoyed trading and sharing their collections with anyone who shared the same interest with them.

Collecting patches is a fun and enjoyable hobby, and it’s easy to see why. Embroidered patches are colorful, beautiful, inexpensive, and often are beautiful artwork. Patches often serve as emblems of police and fire departments, scouts, military units, sports, company and many more organizations. For some people, patches are an easy way to collect memorabilia from their work, travels, or favorite sports.

Why People Like Collecting Patches?

Many people start collecting patches young. Some patch collectors collect patches as a child that continue into adulthood. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, dance clubs, sports clubs, and some school clubs often start collecting an swaping patches during their active involvement in the clubs. 

Some patch collectors collect patches because it has a special meaning to them. Like the Military patches, these patches have a special meaning to those who serve and their families. A lot of service members, both active and former military, collect unit patches that are related to their own service assignment, or that of loved ones or friends. Each of these patches carries sentimental meaning and is often used to commemorate Independence Day or Veteran’s Day. 

Patches are also an inexpensive and easy way to celebrate and keep memorabilia of special events, such as the Space mission, sports events like the Olympics, and many other events worth remembering. 

Where to Get Collectible Patches

It’s easy to find patches and patch collectors. Special events. County fairs, flea markets, social media online groups, and other events are for patch collectors and traders. Antique stores are also a good option for finding vintage patches.

Here at We have a vast collection of embroidered patches that will make any patch collector or enthusiast happy. We have all sorts of patches, from children patches to military and other collectible patches. Name it, and we have it! 

The secret to getting your dream patch is to keep your eyes open. You can find great patches anywhere, even in places where you don’t expect them. Real patch collectors are always on the lookout for special patches wherever they go.

Collectible Patches

Here are some collectible patch ideas:

Animal Patches

Butterfly Blue Morpho-like Iron On Patch      Realistic Horse Embroidered Iron On Patch      Elephant in Natural Environment Jungle Iron On Patch

Fifties/Sixties Patches

Lost in the 50’s Shopping Bag Iron on Patch      Cadillac Car Iron On Patch: Pink or Black      Magic Mushroom Iron On Patch      50’s Accessories Set Iron on Patch

Flower Patches

Green Chiffon Flower Iron On Floral Patch      Red Rose with Stem Floral Iron On Patch with Sparkling Thread      (5 Pack) Cute Daisy Flower Iron On Floral Patch

Western Patches

Indian Headdress Native American Iron On Patch      Cowboy Hat with Rope & Gloves Western Iron on Patch       Horseshoe with Horse Head in Center Iron On Patch      Rope with Cowboy Hat and Boot with Skull Western Iron On Patch

Food Patches

Coffee – 3 Cups of Hot Coffee Iron On Patch Applique      Two Crocheted Pears Fruit Iron On Patch      Sparkling Sequined Ice Cream Cone Iron On Patch

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