Eight Creative Uses for Your Patches

Embroidered patches are an attractive and simple addition to any piece of clothing and can be attached to fabrics by sewing, ironing or by using a strong glue. Here at Laughing Lizards, we have lots of uniquely designed embroidered patches that will showcase your style and individuality. Below is a list of the top eight uses for embroidered patches.

Add Flair To Your Clothing.

Personalize your items and change up your wardrobe without investing too much by adding an embroidered patch to decorate your jacket, bags, or clothing. This is also a great way to showcase your personality and individual style. Make a standout design that depicts your interest, hobby, or passion. In a world where everyone is looking to add their flair to their outfits, a unique patch design that suits your personality is a great option. Here are some ways to turn a basic bag or piece of clothing into something that uniquely yours to let the world know who you are!

Here are some DIY ideas on how to add a personal flair to your clothing or things to add color and personality.

Ladybug Iron-on Patches


Iron-on Patches An A Bag


Custom Uniforms

One of the traditional use of embroidered patches is to make a brand appear more secure, established and sophisticated by using embroidery patches that display a company logo or name on uniforms. These patches show authority and make others aware of the area that the individual works. Emergency services, military, security services, and trade companies often use patches in uniforms.

Traditional Iron-on Patches

Students also show off their loyalty to their college or school by wearing school uniforms displaying their school logo. (1)


Sports Team Spirit

Members of a sports team or clubs use embroidered patches on their uniforms, bags and other sports gear to show off their team spirit and pride. Sports team fans also use embroidered patched to show off their support. 

Sports Team Jacket With Patches


To Support A Cause

An embroidered charity patch with the charity logo or date of an important fundraising event is a great way to generate publicity for an important cause (like #teamtrees!).

Purchasing and using charity patches is also great for showing your support for the cause. Embroidered biker patches of the biker community is an example of patches that showcase its cause and their personality. (View Source)

For a cause Iron-on Patches



A uniform with the company’s embroidered logo provides a walking billboard and free advertisement. Often when a company is looking to promote its brand and services, it helps to be unique by handing out patches that can be ironed onto any items is part of the campaign. Most of these patches include fun slogans and local information that people can opt to put on anything they want. (View Source)

Company Advertising Patches




Some organizations like fire companies, professional companies and other local organizations already use embroidered patches on their uniforms to display their company logo. You can order or create your custom patches for any organization that you’re a part of like a book club, small business, or dance company.

Company Iron-on Patches


Easy Gifts

Traveling somewhere? Embroidered patches are attractive, useful and easy to pack, which makes them excellent gifts to your friends and family. Embroidered landmark patches are a great way to show places you’ve visited. You can also make crafts using embroidery patches. Surely people love receiving DIY gifts. Below are two easy gift ideas for you.

Iron-on Patches on Apron


Butterfly Patches Use As Home Decor


Greeting Card

Embroidered greeting cards work well for any occasion. These cards are easy to make and look super cute! Who doesn’t love receiving a DIY embroidered greeting card on a special day? Here’s a sample of a greeting to give you more ideas if you want to make one.

  • This elegant embroidered horse applique posed mid-prance while showing off its beautiful mane and tail can be used for multiple uses enjoy greeting cards.

Iron-on Horse Patch Greeting Card


  • These three brightly colored snowmen can bear a sign of warm seasonal greetings. The metallic embroidered “Merry Christmas” in shimmering metallic silver threads is perfect for a personalized DIY Christmas card. 

DIY Patches Christmas Card

Note tape the “snowman patch” on the front of your Christmas card, so the recipient can iron it on stockings or other holiday items.

There are so many ways an embroidered patch can be used and applied to personalize your items, promote your business or bring together people to support a cause. Order now and have fun unleashing your creativity through our variety of embroidered patches and appliques collection.


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