Western Patches

Patches are a great way to show your style and stand out, and the customization options allow you to wear what you want to wear while displaying your hobbies, interests, and fashion style. One popular fashion trend that never goes out of style is “Western Fashion.”

The leather boots, felt hats, and other cowboy decorations have been a part of Western fashion since the 1800s evolved, but they never really go away. It’s still popular today, and many have adapted western fashion into their daily clothing by accessorizing western-themed decorations. 

One simple and easy way of decorating outfits with western embellishments is through patches. Today we will look at how you can add some western look to your outfits while showcasing your personality through our Western Patches. 

Here at Laughing Lizards, we have a large selection of western iron-on patches that will suit your needs. We have horses and stallions in various gaits, and if it’s cowboy hats you like, we also have plenty of styles and colors to choose from.

Dress up your favorite outfits and accessories for a more stylish and unique Western look!

Trotting horse Iron on Patch/Two Horses Sitting Equestrian Friends Iron on Patch Rope with Cowboy Hat and Boot with Skull Western Iron On PatchHorse Prancing Equestrian Iron On Patch

Cowboy Hat with Rope & Gloves Western Iron on Patch Western Embroidered Cowboy Hat Iron On Patch Red Hat Lady Cowgirl Hat with Tie Iron On Patch Purple & Pink Cowgirl Hat Western Iron On Patch

Red Hat Lady Cowgirl Boot Iron On Patch Western Cowboy Boot with Horseshoe Western Iron On Patch: Right Or Left Red Hat Lady Western Boots Iron on Patch Red Hat Lady Western Accessories Iron On Patch

Red Hat Lady Western Giant Sheriff Cowgirl Iron On Patch Metallic Thread Western Saddle Iron on Patch Horseshoe with Horse Head in Center Iron On Patch Cowboy’s Gun, Boot, Hat Western Neckline Iron On Patch

These beautifully designed Western patches are an easy and fun way to show your style. Simply iron, sew or glue these patches into your favorite garment, and you’ll have a new personalized outfit that is totally you. 

At Laughing Lizards, our patches are created with high-quality embroidery thread that can withstand washing. No matter what fashion style you have in mind, we have an extensive collection of patches that will suit your needs. We also offer custom-made patches if you want a personalized design. Our creative team is always ready to help you achieve your dream design. So order now and start showing your creative and unique fashion style.


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