Ways to Use Iron on Patches This Halloween

The holiday season is here again. Leaves are turning orange, the air is getting coles, and Halloween is fast approaching. Why not incorporate some spooky iron-on embroidered patches for your Halloween festivities this year? Here, we share several ways to use Halloween embroidered iron-on patches this holiday. 

Why Choose Embroidered Iron on Patches for Halloween? 

Patches are extremely versatile. You can use patches to decorate your Halloween outfits, such as jackets, jeans, shirts, and other costumes. You can use patches alone or use them with other materials to make your Halloween custom unique. With little imagination, you can make an incredibly awesome Halloween costume that costs very little. Here are different ways to use embroidered iron-on patches for Halloween. 

1. As Decorations

s Halloween parties need decorations, so why not include Halloween patches? Choose Halloween-themed patches such as skulls, pumpkins, spiders, and other spooky patches. Then attach them to your tablecloths and pillows, nestle them into spider webbing, or hang them into your doorways and windows. There are several ways to use embroidered patches for your Halloween decorations. You can also choose a color scheme to create festive Halloween decorations.

2. As Favors

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, why not use embroidered patches to give out as favors? They are cute and unique and will bring festive fun to the holiday. You can give them out by themselves or put them in a treat bag with some candies and chocolates.

3. Decorate Costumes

 Embroidered patches are perfect for adding the finishing touches to Halloween costumes. Halloween costumes have endless design options, and you can DIY a costume or use patches to make it more unique. Here are a few Halloween costumes ideas using embroidered patches:

Baseball Patches (10 Pack) Sports Embroidered Iron On Patch       Iron On Letter Patches, 2″ Block Letters & Numbers       Iron On Letter Patches, 2″ Block Letters & Numbers

A Baseball Player

Why not make a baseball player custom by attaching your own name and logo to a baseball tee and wearing a pinstripe pants to make an easy DIY outfit. You can use our letter patches and baseball patch to decorate and make the costume realistic. 

LOVE Iron On Patch       Cute Daisy Patches (5 Pack) Flower Embroidered Iron On Patch Appliques – 4 Color Choices!       Peace Iron On Patch Applique with Flowers

A hippie costume

Use flower patches, or patches like peace and love, and attach them to a leather vest or a pair of bell bottoms and pair it with round colorful sunglasses! Everyone will surely appreciate your cool hippie costume. 

Heart Flush Poker Hand Gambling Iron On Patch       Card Suit Symbols 4 Pack Iron On Patch       Heart Card Patches (3-Pack) Heart Embroidered Iron On Patch Applique

King and Queen of Cards

Use heart patches, diamond patches, spade patches, club patches, and other card patches and attach them to a robe, sash, cape, skirt, or shirt. You can also create a golden cardboard or paper crown with patches. 

Longhorn Patch – Boho Tribal Steer Cow Skull Iron on Patch      Skull & Swords Pirate Flag Iron On Patch       Small Skull and Crossbones Iron On Patch: White


You don’t need to spend a lot of money on your and your kid’s Halloween costume. Homemade Halloween costumes are fun, cheap, creative, and can be made from items you already have at home. You can make a no-sew pirate costume with a simple white shirt, black pants, scarf, and a DIY eye patch. You can use skull patches to decorate your DIY pirate costume. 

Black & Grey Motorcycle Biker’s Iron On Patch       Skull and Crossbones Patches (3-Pack) Skull Embroidered Iron On Patch Appliques       Silver Live to Ride Eagle Biker Iron On Patch

A Biker Costume

You can grab a leather or denim jacket, leather or denim pants, and boots with a biker costume. Attach some biker patches into your jacket, and there it is. You have a simple but creative biker costume for Halloween. 


Here at Laughing Lizards, we have a wide selection of perfect patches for any occasion. Our patches are easy to attach and are made of high-quality embroidery materials that will last a long time. So this Halloween, put a personal touch on your costume and party with embroidered iron-on patches. 



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