Using Embroidered Letters and Numbers Patches to Encourage Teamwork

Embroidered letters and number patches are used in schools, institutions, and community groups for athletic teams, bands, and other groups to make them feel inspired and encourage teamwork. Businesses and community groups also use embroidered letter and number patches as part of security team uniforms, sales staff apparel, part of incentive programs, and more. There are many uses for embroidered letter and number patches, and they are the perfect way to visually and easily foster your team’s goals visually and easily.


Varsity Jacket with Embroidered Patch


These versatile letters and number patches are great for:

Athletic Uniforms

Personalized letters and numbers can create a sense of unity for sports teams and give sports fans a sense of belonging.


Scout troops can customize their uniforms by placing their troop numbers on their vests or in front of their uniforms.

School and Team Uniforms, Backpacks, and Bags

Embroidered iron-on letters are usually added with school initials or last names in private school uniforms or one of its organizations like a cheering team, debate teams, and others.

Corporate Uniforms and Teams

Some company uniforms have their employee’s initial letters or names on their uniforms. Some company sports or physical fitness teams also implement dress codes that show their unity in teams.

Business Brand Awareness 

Some businesses use custom letters and logos in essential gears such as travel bags, socks, key chains, shirts, etc. Embroidered letters and numbers are great for creating brand awareness.

Encourage Teamworks

Embroidered letters and patches are in sports uniforms, jackets, sports bags, and hats is a great way to encourage camaraderie and teamwork. 

Here at Laughing Lizards, we have embroidered letters and numbers iron-on patches that you can use for your company or organization. If you want specially designed letters and numbers that fit your company logo. You can order custom-made letter and number embroidered patches. Our creative team is always ready to help create your custom letters and numbers for uniforms, business apparel, and more. 

Here is our selection of embroidered letter patches:

 Pink Hat Lady Iron On Letter Initials/Monograms      Iron On Letter Patches, 2″ Block Letters       Iron On Script Letter Patches, Monogram Appliques

 Metallic Gold 0-9 Iron On Number Patches – Sold Separately     White 0-9 Iron on Patch 1-1/4″H – Sold Separately      Black 0-9 Numbers Iron On Patches 1-1/4″H – Sold Separately

At Laughing Lizards, our patches are created with high-quality embroidery thread that will not fade or bleed. We have an extensive collection of embroidery patches that are perfect for any DIY project. Check out our patches and appliques and order now to start creating your own DIY patched outfit.




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