Top 8 Uses for Embroidered Patches

Here at, we love creating beautiful patches for everyone. We love hearing what you’re going to use them for. We love seeing how you transform any design into eye-catching artwork that shows who you are. We have sold patches of all sorts through the years, from military patches to patches for kids. We also accept custom patches for your very own specific designed patch. 

We also like to find new ways people can use their patches, and today we look at the different ways you can use patches. So continue reading below and find the eight ways you can use patches.

1. Sports

We all love sports, and no matter what sport you follow, you will see patches on players’ jerseys. No matter what sport, a patch can show team spirit and build connections among players. If you’re a fan, a patch can also show your support for your favorite player or team and celebrate sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, and other sports.

Bowling Ball Striking Pins Iron On Patch     Large Soccer Ball Sports Iron On Patch – 3 Inches     Chain of Sports Equipment Iron On Patch     Embroidered Football Iron On Sports Patch

2. Motorcycle Clubs

When we think of motorcycle clubs, leather jackets with embroidered patches always come first to our minds, right? Today, you can create your patched leather jacket with unique symbols, names, and designs. You can also use leather jackets to showcase a rider’s other hobbies and interests. 

While our motorcycle patches are ideal for jackets and vests, they can also be used to decorate backpacks, hats, jeans, and other accessories. For instructions on attaching patches on leather jackets, please read our guide on using patches on jackets. So get creative and customize your leather jacket to show your creativity and personality.

Bat Wing Motorcycle Skull Iron On Patch     Route 66 Highway Sign Iron On Patch     Choppers Til You Die Motorcycle Iron on Patch     Number 13 Back Patch On Embroidered Iron or Patch- 7 1/2 inch Round

3. Holidays

Need a custom for Halloween? Why not DIY your own Halloween or other special day costumes? Patches are so versatile and easy to use they will make any outfit stand out. Patches are also great for decorating your Christmas or Thanksgiving accessories and can be a perfect gift. So give someone you know who loves crafts a bunch of patches; they will surely love it. 

Easter Chain Iron On Patch      Santa Claus Face Christmas Iron on Cut Out Patch Applique     Halloween Jack O Lantern Embroidered Iron On Patch     Three Leaf Clover Shamrock Iron On Patch Rated 5.00 out of 5

4. Commemorations

Patches for commemorations have become popular over the years. Many people like spreading awareness like breast cancer awareness month by decorating a pink ribbon patch on their shirts. With embroidered patches, you can be creative with your design and commemorate anything you want because they are inexpensive and easy to use. You can use commemorative patches on your clothing, bags, and other accessories. 

Love Wins Equality Iron On Patch     (2-Pack) American Flag Iron On Patriotic Patch USA     LOVE Earth Environmental Iron On Patch    

5. Military

Patches are a large part of military uniforms. You can use our flag and patriotic patches to honor those who serve in the military and show our pride. You can use our flag patches to decorate your shirt or house to celebrate the fourth of July, Veterans Day, and other patriotic holidays.

United States of America Seal Badge Iron On Patch     USA Patriotic Letters Iron on Patches     U.S. Marine Corps Iron On Military Patches     Dont Fuck With Us Iron On Flag Patch

6. Organizations

Many organizations use patches to spread awareness or promote a cause. It is because patches are a great way to be used as fundraisers and to raise awareness. You can also use custom patches as merchandise to promote your organization. So get creative and design something that shows your organization’s cause. At, our creative team is always ready to help you achieve your desired patch. 

“Plant A Tree” #TeamTrees Iron On Patch     Red Hat Lady Iron On Patch Applique – Small Sequined     Pink Ladies Patch 50’s Iron on Patch     Go Green Environmental Ecology Iron On Patch

7. School Patches

With embroidered iron-on patches, you and your kid can easily transform their boring things into something colorful and cute that fits their personality. Patches are so kid-friendly, and with your supervision, your kids will love decorating their school things and clothes.

Patches are not only for students; sports teams, bands, and other clubs also use them in schools. Some teachers use patches as awards and rewards for students. Patches go a long way for students and teachers, from the classic embroidered letter patches seen on cheerleading and varsity jackets to celebrating achievements and accomplishments.

Here at, we have patches for all. Whatever type you or your kid needs, we have everything from embroidered letter patches to cute Disney or sports patches. Our patches are perfect for adding cute little decorations to your kids’ backpacks, jackets, hats, socks, jeans, shirts, and other accessories. If you’re a teacher, our embroidered star patches, environmental and flag patches will be an excellent reward for any good deeds or achievements.

(3-Pack) Violin Musical Instrument Iron On Patch     3 Inch Iron on Star Patches (5 Pack)     Winking Smiley Face Iron On Patch – 2-1/8″     Pastel “Peace” in Peace Symbol Iron On Patch

8. Fashion Patches

Your style says a lot about you. One way to step up your fashion style and add some colors to your style is through patches. Patches are a great way to enhance your garments because they never go out of style.

    Large Daisy Strip Floral Iron On Patch         Metallic Thread Western Saddle Iron on Patch

One stylish and easy-to-use patch design available at is the Neckline and Decorative Trim Iron on Patches. These Necklines, Decorative Trim patches, and appliques are great for decorating necklines and hems. 

Patches are so easy to use and versatile; you can use them to show your fashion style. At Laughing Lizards, we have a patch of any size and design perfect for decorating your clothing, bags, and accessories. You can even use our patches as key holders, decorate your hair clips and scrapbooks or frame your favorite patches to decorate your wall. With patches, the possibility is endless. So check out your favorite patches now and enjoy unleashing your creativity.

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