Star Patches

Patches are an excellent way to enhance clothes, accessories, and DIY projects. They are often used on apparel such as shirts, jackets, pants, sports, and dance uniforms, bags, and many more. Patches have remained a popular accessory in fashion and style, and one classic patch that never goes out of style is the Star Patches.

Star patches remained a popular fashion and style accessory and were used as a reward system at school and home. They are not only seen in tees, bags, hats, and uniforms. Star patches are also great for ranking students in a do-jo, sport team players’ rewards, costumes, cheerleading uniforms, and rewards to students at school. Star iron-on patches are perfect for all of these because they are simple, affordable, easy to use, and will do the trick.

Classic Star Patches

1.75 Inch American Flag Style Iron On Star Patch     1.75″ Embroidered Nautical Iron-On Star in Patches     3 Inch Iron on Star Patches     1.75 inch Multicolored Metallic Star

As a reward, it has been proven that children’s and young adults’ self-esteem are boosted when positively rewarded even for their simple accomplishment with an object—leading to even more positive behavior in the future. 

When it comes to the perfect little reward for a child, student, or athlete, everyone looks for an inexpensive yet lasting way to show recognition for their accomplishments. For a child struggling with their behavior at home, a little star patch ironed on their blanket, shirt, or any accessories given to them can be a big reward.

There are many creative ways to use these inexpensive star patch rewards, such as a reward for doing their chores, getting good grades, or for school accomplishment in reading a particular book.

Gold Trimmed Star Patches

1.75 Inch White Stars with Silver Metallic Outline     1.5 Inch Gold Trimmed Embroidered Star Iron On Patches     1.5 Inch Gold Trimmed Embroidered Star Iron On Patches – Blue     1.5 Inch Gold Trimmed Embroidered Star Iron On Patches – Black

Sports teams use the star patches for rewards at games like baskets, touchdowns, or home runs and an MVP award after each game. A particular colored patch given to MVPs is a great way to encourage young athletes. Star patches are often glued or ironed on their helmets, jerseys, and bags.

Star patches are so versatile you can use them in almost anything. Star patches are also used to show a rank in karate, jiu-jit-su, taekwondo, or any karate sports. They are also great for cheerleading uniforms and dance costumes. They are also perfect patriotic patches for Independence Day and Memorial Day decorations.

Star Appliques

4″ Pink, Lavendar and Silver Star Iron On Applique     Large 7.5″ Rhinestone Starburst Iron On Applique: Multiple Colors     Three Star Design Iron On Rhinestone Patch Applique     Multi-colored Sheet of Tiny Rhinestud HotFix Stars

At Laughing Lizards, our star patches are made from high-quality materials and designed to last long. We have been Patches and Appliques retailers and wholesale for many years. We also offer discounts on volume purchases; contact us.


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