Show Your Pride With Patriotic Patches

Patriotic patches are a great way to celebrate holidays, especially patriotic holidays. These patches are perfect for Armed Forces members and their families, veterans, and any individuals to celebrate holidays such as Independence Day, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day.

Wearing patriotic patches on holidays shows your pride in your country. It is also a perfect way of honoring both Armed Forces members and veterans for the services they did for the country.

When it comes to choosing patriotic patches, it’s relatively easy to select patches that you can wear with pride while honoring your country and those who served them. Here are some of our patriotic patches:

Flag Patches

Patriotic holidays are the time that usually brings us to reflect on our love for our country and feeling of patriotism. Aside from waving the American flag during Independence Day, there are several ways in which you can show your patriotism, such as wearing American flag-patched shirts and jackets and even decorating our houses with flags and other patriotic decorations.

What is excellent with a flag-patched shirt is that it’s an easy way to show your patriotism, and it’s available for the whole family. There are many American flag patches to choose from, and they are easy to iron, sew or glue to shirts. However, while it’s easy to attach flag patches, there are a few things that you need to take note of wearing American flag patches to avoid disrespect or faux pas.

Don't Fuck With Us Iron On Flag Patch  Waving in the Air USA Flag Iron On Patch American Flag Iron On Patriotic Patch USA USA Flag Patch -Black & Gray- American Flag US United States of America Military Uniform Emblem Patches

Eagle Patches

The bald eagle is a meaningful and popular patriotic American symbol. The bald eagle is the United States national bird, and it is placed with outspread wings on the Great Seal of the country. I also appear in many government institutions, official documents, the president’s flag, military insignia, and one-dollar bills. The eagle symbolizes the strength and freedom of America.

Great to use on Independence day as well as other holidays. Eagle patches are also perfect for showing freedom, patriotism, and individuality on a biker’s or motorcycle jacket. Eagle patches are often seen on a biker’s vest or leather jacket. Follow our guide on applying patches on leather jackets if you don’t have experience applying patches to leather jackets.

American Flag Peace Sign Eagle Iron On Patch USA Eagle Ripping Through American Flag Iron On Patch Bald Eagle with American Flag Iron On Patch Bald Eagle Head with American Flag Iron On Patch

Military Patches

It’s relatively easy to honor those Armed forces members and veterans through patches. You can wear our military patches with pride by attaching them to your favorite shirt, jacket, hat, or backpack. With your imagination and creativity, you’ll be able to take your patriotic vision and create a beautiful personalized Veteran’s Day outfit. From simple to artistic design, your idea will bring pride and honor. 

Here at Laughing Lizards, you have a variety of patriotic patches to choose from. Our patches are versatile, durable, and designed with bright, bold imprint colors and a sharp look with clean details. 

US Army Corporal Camouflage Iron on Patch U.S. Marine Corps Iron On Military Patches Military Scrambled Eggs Iron On Patch U S Marine Corps Insignia Iron On Military Patch

USA Letter Patches

Another expression of patriotism is wearing the “USA” patch on any patriotic holiday. The “USA” letter patches are often done in red, white, blue, or red. These colors are usually the color of patriotic items such as flags and other patriotic emblems. Patriotic-themed patches are a big part of patriotic holiday celebrations, as it represents a unique and personal display of patriotism.

USA Star Iron or Sew on Patch USA Patriotic Letters Iron on Patches USA Patriotic Iron on Patch Patriotic USA Iron on Patch

Other Patriotic Patches

Here are some of our patriotic patches that you can use to decorate your Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and other patriotic holidays. These patches are the perfect way to show pride in your beloved country.

POW-MIA Iron On Military Jacket Back Patch Stripes and Star Military Iron or Sew on Patch US Military Wings Camouflage Patch Patriotic Dove of Peace Iron on Patch

You can sew or iron these patches to your fabric for a permanent attachment. Once attached, these patches may even outlast the garment on which they have been applied. Patriotic patches can be applied using fabric glue for temporary applications for events such as costume parades, dances, and other holiday events.

Now it’s easier to show your pride with patriotic patches. When you’re ready to DIY your patriotic holiday outfit and decorations, place your order at Laughing Lizards. We are your number one source for the best patches. Check our website for a wide selection of patriotic patches and other patches that suit your needs. We also do custom patches for your specific needs. Click the link to find out more about custom patches! 


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