Red Hat Lady Patches

Patches are a simple way to customize any garment, but they are also used to showcase one’s interests, hobbies, and membership in any organization or club. One popular organization representing fashionable ladies who want to celebrate every stage of life is the Red Hat Society. 

The Red Hat Society is an organization of fashionable ladies dedicated to celebrating life at any age. In this organization, members at the fabulous age of 50 wear red hats and purple clothing. Members who are not yet in their 50s wear pink hats and lavender clothing. 

A British poem, “Warning,” written by Jenny Joseph, inspired the Red Hat Society’s name. Which begins with the line: “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple / With a red hat which doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.”

Here at Laughing Lizard, we have a wide selection of Red Hat Lady Patches you can use to show your membership to the Red Hat Society. Using our beautifully designed patches is a fashionable and easy way to celebrate your affiliation with the organization. 

You can use these beautiful patches to decorate your garments, bags, accessories, costumes, and even DIY projects like quilts, pillows, and other decorations. These patches are also a perfect gift to someone celebrating her golden year. Here are some of our Red Hat Lady Patches.

Red Hat Lady Patches

     Tan Red Hat Lady with Purple Shoulder Flounce Iron On Patch – Large      Red Hat Lady w/White Polka Dots Iron On Patch – Large      Red Hat Lady Iron On Patch Applique – Small Sequined      Red Hat Lady Satin Hat with Bling Iron On Patch – Large

     Red Hat Iron On Patch in Felt      Red Hats and Flowers Iron On Patch      Tiny Red Hat Lady Hat with Flowers Iron On Patch      Red Hat Lady Cowgirl Hat with Tie Iron On Patch

     Red Hat Lady Western Accessories Iron On Patch      Red Hat Christmas Presents      Pink Hat Lady Iron On Letter Initials/Monograms     Red Hat Poodle with Umbrella Iron On Patch

Here at Laughing Lizards, we have a wide selection of beautifully designed patches of any size and color. Our embroidered patches are made with high-quality threads that will not fade or bleed. You can easily attach or apply our patches by ironing, sewing, or using fabric glue to any materials.

At Laughing, we commit to producing top-quality products and the best customer service. We have years of experience in selling and creating patches of all sorts. So if you want a specially made custom patch for your club or organization, reach out because we also do custom patches. Choose us for your patch needs and buy with confidence. 

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