Popular Embroidered Patches

It’s a new year, and it’s time to do something new and different. Here at Laughinglizards.com, we are always excited to start a new year. New year to us means new patches and new ways to showcase your creativity, hobbies, interests, business, brands, and much more. To us, embroidered patches are everything. Our patches are perfect for various reasons, and through the years, we have produced high-quality patches of all sorts. Our creative and loyal customers can attest to that. Patches might be small, but they are impactful and provide useful information with great details. This blog will examine some of our most popular patches and their uses.

Patriotic Patches

One of the most common and popular patches is the patriotic patches which include the military, police, fire, and other flag patches. These patches have helpful information in their design that helps identify specific departments, squads, and teams. The military patches used by active personnel are custom made, but we also offer ready-to-use military patches that are perfect for commemorating special holidays like Independence Day, Veterans Day, and many more. Patriotic patches are decorated with symbols that signify loyalty and pride. These patches also often become keepsakes for those who wore them. 

1.75 Inch American Flag Style Iron On Star Patch (5-Pack)      (2-Pack) California State Patch      US Army ARMY OF ONE Iron On Military Patch      American Flag Peace Sign Eagle Iron On Patch USA

Sport Patches

Another famous patch that is used by many is sport patches. Almost every sport has patches on their official uniforms, with the team’s logo, player’s name, and number attached. Sports patches are an essential part of the game for players and fans. Sports patches are also a great way to show loyalty to a team, and many fans collect patches of their favorite sports team. These sports embroidered patches can also be used to add a touch of style and personality to your clothing. They can easily be sewn, ironed, or glued to any fabric, which means they can be placed on shirts, hats, jeans, jackets, and other materials.

(2-Pack) Bowling Ball Striking Pins Iron On Patch      Sneaker & Ball Sports Iron On Patch      Surfboards in Sand Iron On Patch      Heart String Tutu and Toe Shoes Dance Iron On Patch

Motorcycle/Biker Patches

Motorcycle and jacket are a perfect combination, and another popular patch used by motorcycle riders is the motorcycle/biker patches. Whether it’s a denim or leather jacket, our motorcycle patches are perfect for showing your personality and love for riding. These motorcycle patches are used not only for decorative purposes but also for what motorcycle rider group it affiliated you with. Click here on how to apply patches to your motorcycle jacket properly.

Choppers Iron Cross Applique Large Rhinestone Hotfix Design      Blue and Green Evil Jester Iron on Patch      Motocross Is Not A Crime Sports Iron On Patch      Hell on Wheels in BROWN Biker Iron On Patch

Children Patches

Embroidered iron-on patches for children are always popular and decorated almost all phases of children’s clothes. You can see these patches ironed or sewn onto jackets, jeans, shirts, dresses, baby clothes, and other children’s accessories like towels, blankets, shoes, and even backpacks. These embroidered iron-on patches for children can help keep your child’s clothes last while giving them a clean and crisp look. Children patches are available for boys and girls. Kids love these patches because they can give their favorite clothes a new look. 

Hello Kitty in Red Dress with Bear Puppet Iron On Patch      Disney Winnie the Pooh with Friends Iron on Transfer      Kids Vehicles – Police Car, Fire Truck, Excavator, Cement Truck, Dump Truck Iron On Patch      Snow White Disney’s Princess Iron On Patch

Hobbies and Interest Patches

Patches are a favorite collector’s item because they are easy to collect, inexpensive, colorful, and available in any design. They are also easy to store and use. There are patches for just about any hobbies and interests imaginable, from patriotic patches to interests, hobbies, and children’s patches. Many people choose to collect patches because they are great for expressing themselves. They are also easy to use and are even used for marketing branding, team-building, and celebrating accomplishments and events. Each patch has unique designs that can carry a special meaning that connects to the hobbies and interests of the collector. 

Jackpot Slot Machine Gambling Iron On Patch      Musical Instruments Iron On Patch Kit      Star Wars Imperial Walker Iron on Patch      Painting Kit Iron on Patch

Holiday and Special Day Patches

There is a named holiday for almost every month of the year, so why not celebrate holidays or a special day with a patch commemorating the occasion. While there are several traditions and events to celebrate holidays, a DIY project using patches is a great way to make the event memorable and unique. The best thing about patches is they are inexpensive and super easy to use. You and your family will surely enjoy creating something for the holidays or special days such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

(4-Pack) Christmas Bear Patches – Embroidered Christmas Bear Iron On Patchs Applique Easter – “Happy Easter” Easter Egg Applique (3-Pack) Heart Card Iron On Patch (2-Pack) Pumpkin and Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Iron On Patch

Animal Patches

Brighten up your and your child’s clothing, bags, hats, shoes, and other accessories with cute embroidered animal iron patches from our animal patches collection. From a colorful butterfly to a growling tiger, there’s always an embroidered patch for everyone. These animal patches are great for decorating and customizing clothes, bags, shoes, and other accessories. They are also perfect for decorating DIY projects such as costumes, scrapbooking, and school projects. These animal patches are so versatile you can use them in almost anything. 

Elephants – Elephant Iron On Jungle Patch Applique      Colorful Gecko Iron On Patch      Blue Sequined Butterfly Insect Iron On Patch      Lion in Jungle Brush Safari Iron On Patch

Awareness Patches

No matter what cause you support, patches for a cause are an excellent way to raise awareness. Patches for a cause often extend unity and deliver a message in a unique and versatile way. They are the creative way to show care and recognition to any cause. This is shown through the different patterns and colors associated with various issues. An example is a pink ribbon used to draw awareness of breast cancer.

I Got My Covid Vaccine Patch / Vaccinated Against Covid Patch Set      LOVE Earth Environmental Iron On Patch      Stop Environmental Abuse Iron On Patch      Breast Cancer Awareness Rhinestone Hotfix Applique

While the mentioned patches above are our most popular, we have more, and we can produce patches of all sorts. You can choose from our categories or create your design and order custom-made patches from us. Our patches are top-quality with excellent customer services and affordable prices. So order your patches now and start creating your own patched clothes design. 



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