Peace Sign Patches and Appliques

For many years, embroidered patches have been used to make a statement. Soldiers first use them to signify rank and position, but patches have developed so much since their first creation, and they have grown in popularity as a fashionable and cheap way to elevate any outfit.

Patches nowadays are also used to show affiliation to a group or community and to make a statement. It is because patches are a unique and cheap way to make a statement, and many people have adopted them. One popular statement patch is the Peace Sign Patches and Appliques. These peace sign patches are so popular that both young and old use them on their shirts, pants, jackets, bags, hats, shoes, uniforms, costumes, and DIY projects.

Here at Laughing Lizards, we have various Peace Sign Patches and Appliques that will suit your patching needs. Our patches are made of high-quality embroidery thread that will last a long time. They are so colorful and attractive that they make your outfit stand out. 

These patches are also great for scrapbooking, decorating, and as a gift to anyone who loves patches. They are so easy to use. You can iron, sew or use fabric glue to attach these patches to any material.

Here Are some of our Peace Sign Patches and Appliques.

Peace Sign Patch

1″ Sequin Peace Sign Over USA Flag Iron on Patch     Pastel “Peace” in Peace Symbol Iron On Patch     American Flag Peace Sign Eagle Iron On Patch USA     Ecology Peace Sign Iron On Patch

Metallic Gold Peace Sign Iron On Patch     Rainbow Peace Sign on Black Felt Iron On Patch     Peace Sign, Heart and Smiley Face Iron On Patch – Large     Peace Iron On Patch Applique with Flowers

Peace Sign Applique

Peace Hotfix Design Metallic Nailhead Iron On Applique     Medium Rhinestud 3″ Diameter Peace Sign Iron On Applique     Heart Shaped Peace Sign Rhinestud Hotfix Iron On Applique     Zebra Peace Sign with hearts Iron on Rhinestud Applique

These Peace Sign Patch and Appliques will look great in any DIY project. They may come in many colors and sizes, but they all bring the same message. Show everyone your love for world peace through these colorful and meaningful patches and appliques. Peace be with you!

Here at Laughing Lizards, we know everything about patches. We have patches of different sizes, colors, and designs that you can use for business, fashion, organization, sports, and whatever DIY project you have in mind. Our company produces custom patches, and our creative team will be happy to help you create your dream patch. We are committed to making top-quality patches with excellent customer service. So get your peace sign patches and appliques now and show your peaceful statement to everyone.



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