Halloween is coming up very soon, which means it’s time for tricks and treats, candies, chocolates, and costumes! Costumes make Halloween more fun, but the prices of those store-bought costumes can be scary sometimes. That’s why finding the perfect costume can be a challenge. Do-it-yourself Halloween costumes can be a great idea, but looking for accessories to complete the Halloween costume can be a daunting task.

But worry no more! With a little imagination, you can have a perfect Halloween costume that costs very little. Accessories to complete your DIY costume are not hard to find. In fact, you have lots of options if you just use your imagination and creativity. One of these options is  the use of iron-on patches.  Halloween iron-on patches are easy to use, and a cheap way to make any costume more realistic. 

With patches, you can create a Halloween costume based on your favorite book or movie character, or dress up like a famous person. With little imagination, you can make an incredibly awesome  Halloween costume that costs very little. A few patches can make a difference to your Halloween costume. We are sharing you some patches that will make your DIY Halloween costume more realistic.

Here are our Halloween iron-on patch suggestions that will transform your costumes into anything!

Jack-o-Lantern Iron On Patch: This cute jack-o-lantern embroidered in metallic orange thread adds fun to your kids Halloween costume. Use this as additional decoration to your kid’s Halloween costume or trick or treat basket to add more fun.

Halloween – Jack-O-Lantern Patch Applique

Halloween Skull and Crossbones Iron-On patch: These menacing skulls and crossbones will give you a Halloween costume in seconds. Use these skulls as a pirate eye patch or add to the cafe to complete your pirate costume.

Small Skull and Crossbones Iron On Patch

Small Spider Iron On Patch: Make your Halloween costume realistic with this small little spider. Embroidered with rainbow glitters on his iridescent black back, the colorful shimmer will make the costume attractive and scarier.

Small Spider Iron On Holiday Patch Applique

Flaming Skull Iron On Patch: This beautifully embroidered flaming skull patch with flames is perfect for adding a touch of Halloween to your sweater or your kid’s Halloween costume for a more menacing look.

Flaming Skull Iron On Patch

Black Widow Spider Web Skull and Crossbones Iron-On patch: With amazing details, everyone will surely like this patch on their Halloween costumes. The evil black widow spider that sits on the forehead surrounded by a red web will make your costume scary.

Black Widow Spider Web Skull and Crossbones Iron On Patch

US Army Military Iron On patch: Halloween patches are not just about skulls and scary patches. You can also use this US Army patch on your costume. In fact, who wouldn’t want to be a hero for a day? Every soldier needs a badge, and this US Army patch looks like a real one!

US Army ARMY OF ONE Iron On Military Patch

Live Free Ride Hard Motorcycle and Skull Iron patch: Who can not like this patch? A motorcycle patch with a saying “Live Free+Ride Hard.” This patch is perfect if you’ve been watching too much Sons of Anarchy and want to dress up a biker for Halloween. The incredible detail of this patch will be perfect for making your leather jacket and denim jeans a real biker’s jacket.

Live Free Ride Hard Motorcycle and Skull Iron On Patch

Soccer Ball Iron-On Patch: Become Christiano Ronaldo with this soccer ball iron-on patch Halloween. This soccer ball patches will make you feel like you just stepped off the soccer field.

Large Soccerball Kiss 3″ Iron On Sports Patch Applique

Under Garden Fairy Iron On Patch:  A beautiful winged enchantress nestled amid a lush garden of pods, floral, lichen, and greenery, this mythical fairy patch will make your fairy Halloween costume a stand out. Make a fairy dress costume for your little girl on Halloween and add this stunning fairy patch to make here look more enchanting and mythical.

Amy Brown’s ‘Under Garden’ Iron On Fairy Applique

There are plenty of other costumes that could be made with the use of patches as additional accessories. Our store has a lot of beautifully made embroidered patches that will suit your needs. Use your imagination and creativity, and you’ll be amazed at how fun and easy it is to make your own Halloween costumes.

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