Music and Band Patches

Everyone enjoys collecting something from their favorite sports team, music, and band. It is their way of showing their support, and what better way to show that support than with patches? Patches are so easy to collect because they are readily available, and they are also very easy to attach to your favorite shirt, jacket, hat, and even backpack.

From rock bands, folk bands, jazz bands, and more, Laughing Lizards can help you collect your favorite band’s music style, lyrics, or any element you want to showcase. We do custom patches, and our creative team is ready to help you create your favorite band’s patch. Just click here to learn more or get started. 

Here at Laughing Lizards, we have a great selection of your favorite music and band patches to choose from. Our patches are made of high-quality embroidery thread that will not fade or bleed. They are easy to sew, iron, or glue to your favorite garment or DIY projects. Here are some of our music and band patches:

Musical Patches

Get inspired to follow your musical dream with these beautifully detailed Musical Patches. These fun iron-on musical instrument patches will fit nicely on any hat, shirt, guitar bag, tote bag, and so forth. Also great for DIY art projects such as scrapbooks, school music projects, music decorations, and gift wraps.

Drum Iron On Musical Patch Applique     Saxophone Embroidered Music Iron on Patch     Violin Musical Instrument Iron On Patch     Silver Sequin Double Eighth Notes Iron On Music Patch

Band Patches

These band patches are perfect for showing off your favorite shirts, jackets, hats, pants, and other accessories. They are also great for scrapbooking, DIY project decorations, and as a gift to anyone who loves patches. I made these colorful patches to last for a long time and will still look great for years to come because they are washable.

Guns N’ Roses Iron On Patch      The Allman Brothers Rock Band Iron on Patch      Alice Cooper Iron on Patch     Linkin Park Band Patches Iron On Patch

These band and music patches will help you stand out from the crowd and make your favorite band proud. Nothing shows your love for your favorite music or band that patches. Whether you’re looking for a patch to sew on, iron-on or glue on to your favorite garment or accessories, it’s available at Laughing Lizards, so shop now and enjoy collecting or decorating your garment or accessories.


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