Make Your New Year’s Celebration Special with Patches

The holiday season is finally here. Christmas is here, meaning many people will celebrate with friends and family. One celebration marked by many during the holiday season is the New Year Celebration. People worldwide party and put on fireworks to welcome the New Year.

New Year is all about parties, food, spending time with loved ones, watching fireworks displays, and honoring family traditions in welcoming the New Year. Food and drinks are great for New Year’s celebration, but why not celebrate the moment with something unique and tangible that will provide lasting memories for family and friends. Embroidered patches are the perfect way to do exactly that.

Aside from New Year’s food and drinks and a New year’s resolution, one New Year tradition celebrated by many worldwide is using good luck charms to welcome the new year. Here at, we have a selection of embroidered patches that might bring good health and prosperity to you and your family for the coming new year.

Here are our recommended new year patches for 2023



With embroidered patches, you can get creative and make your New Year’s celebration memorable and worth remembering. You can give your family and friends cute and eye-catching embroidered patches to remember your celebration, or if you believe in luck, you can use them to bring luck into your life. 

Asian New Year Patches


Using these Asian embroidered patches can be great for enhancing good feelings and luck in your life. These symbols are often used as decorations for New Year, Weddings, Festivals, and other celebrations. If you want to know the meaning and uses of these Asian-inspired patches, click here.  

We always love holidays and celebrations. We also love remembering these celebrations, so why not make every celebration in your life memorable by keeping a keepsake? Embroidered patches are the perfect way to make celebrations memorable because patches are cute, colorful, inexpensive, creative, and customizable. With patches, you can design your own customized patch or select from our wide selection of embroidered patches. So what are you waiting for? Order your patches now and make your New Year’s celebration memorable. 




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