Iron-on Patches for Children

Embroidered iron-on patches are extremely popular and decorated in almost all phases of children’s clothes. You can see these patches ironed or sewn onto jackets, jeans, shirts, dresses, baby clothes, and other children’s accessories like towels, blankets, shoes, and even backpacks. These embroidered iron-on patches for children can help keep your child’s clothes last while giving them a clean and crisp look. 

At Laughing Lizards, we have a wide selection of iron-on patches for children. They are available for boys and girls. Kids love these patches because they give their favorite clothes a new look. Letting your child choose the patch design and helping them with the attachment is a great way to allow their creativity to develop. Working together on designing and attaching patches is also a great way for you and your child to spend time and bond together. Here are some of our beautifully designed embroidered iron-on patches for children.

Baby Patches

Baby clothes can be expensive, but if you don’t want to spend more money on baby designer clothes that your baby will outgrow quickly, you can design your baby clothes yourself. Patches are perfect for personalizing the design of your baby’s clothes. You can iron or sew them on baby onesies and other baby accessories. Patches are safe for babies, and they are so cute and adorable.

Cute Children’s Puffy Embroidered Giraffe Iron On Patch      Tiny Rainbow Iron on Patch      Mommy’s Little Girl Iron On Patch

Girls Patches

Little and big girls will love this beautifully designed embroidered patch. Decorate them on their dresses or use them to mend and give an old dress or shirt a fresh look. These patches are so cute; you can even use them to decorate your little girl’s hair accessories like headbands or hair clips. Your artistic girl will also enjoy decorating her DIY projects or scrapbooks with these patches. We have lots of patches for girls in our collection, and here are some of them:

Pink Star Sparkle Iron On Patch      Hello Kitty Face with Pink Hibiscus Flowers Iron On Patch      Embroidered Unicorn with Stars Iron On Patch

Girls Princess Patches      Snow White Disney’s Princess Iron On Patch      Sleeping Beauty Disney Princess Iron On Patch

Boys Patches

Our patches for boys’ collection focus on fun and creativity. Your child will have fun choosing and placing their patches. So brighten your boy’s clothing, backpacks, hats, and accessories with embroidered iron-on patches that match his personality. These patches are also excellent as knee patches or for covering holes and damages to your child’s clothing. There are embroidered patches for everyone, whether it’s his favorite animals, sports, or toys. Check these patches for boys.

T-Rex Dinosaur Children’s Iron On Patch      Fire Dept. Dalmatian Puppy Iron On Patch      Wacky Roller Skate Light Blue Children’s Iron On Patch

Knee Patches for Boys

Ripped jeans cannot be avoided for active kids who like playing outside. Ripped jeans also mean skinned knees. You can patch your children’s skinned knees, making them look even cooler. Let your child play and enjoy childhood with their patched-knee jeans. 

Baseball Sports Iron On Patch      Beach Ball Patch Embroidered Iron On Applique: Pastel or Primary Colored      Acoustic Guitar Musical Instrument Iron On Patch

Children’s Movie/TV Patches

Children love superhero characters. Decorate your child’s shirt, jackets, backpacks, and other accessories with their favorite Movie/TV character. They’ll love wearing your creation. These patches are also perfect for decorating costumes.

Batman Logo Iron on Patch – Small      Star Wars Imperial Walker Iron on Patch      Avengers Logo Iron On Patch

Children’s clothes can be passed down from one child to another. Of course, you don’t want it to be obvious that your younger child is wearing hand-me-down clothes. Add embroidered iron-on patches to your child’s clothes to make them brand new or match their personality. 

An outfit will not be complete without the right accessories. Personalize your child’s backpacks to make them stand out at school with cute patches glued on them. It may take more time and effort to do it, but the results are worth it. Many other ideas exist to personalize or redecorate your child’s clothing and accessories. These patches might inspire you. 

So get your and your kids’ creativity juice pumping. Choose from our wide selection of patches and start decorating your children’s clothes with our colorful and cool patches. Our patches are easy to iron, sew or glue to any DIY materials and safe for kids.

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