How to Attach Patches to Leather Biker Jackets

Patches are clothing accessories used to express one’s personality and creativity, and a show of support and pride to an organization and ideas. Patches can be in the form of logo, pictures, art design, names or sayings attached to fabrics, leathers, bags, and even shoes. 

Bikers are no exception to the ideas and wear patches proudly on their jackets or vests to display who they are and whom they are associated with. Patches are a great way to customize or reinvent your leather biker jacket, and it’s not a complicated process to do as long as you have the proper equipment, and you’re creative enough to create some designs that will show your style.

If you love crafts and like to do things yourself or you want to try your creativity and DIY your biker leather jacket with patches. Here are some patches you could use to show your style and creative ideas.  Doing a do-it-yourself patch on your leather jacket is a great idea, and it allows you to mix and match a variety of designs to create a gasp-worthy jacket that shows your personality.

  Skull and Crossbones with USA bandana Iron on Patch  Four Kings Iron On Gambling Patch Applique  American Flag Peace Sign Eagle Iron On Patch USA Applique

You can use iron-on patches on your leather jacket, but sometimes the adhesive backing doesn’t affix well. If you iron them on your leather jacket, you might scorch your jacket or coat. So, the best to apply iron-on patches on your leather jacket is by using fabric glue or by sewing.

How to Glue Patches on Leather Jacket

Using fabric glue is a simple and fast way of attaching patches on leather jackets. If you decided to use fabric glue, be sure to use the right type of glue as some glues can discolor the leather. Some glues also come off after a few months of wash and wear, so it is essential to use heavy-duty permanent fabric glue. 

If you want to do a DIY Patch on your leather jacket, Crafty Chica has a very easy to follow tutorial on how to attach patches on your leather jacket using fabric glue. The materials you need to glue patches on your leather jacket are; leather jacket of your choice, heavy-duty permanent fabric glue, assorted patches and appliques, non-stick scissors, and a heat gun. 

How to Sew Patches on Leather Jacket

The most secure way of attaching patches to your leather jackets is to sew your patches onto the jacket, with a heavy-duty needle on a sewing machine or by hand stitching your patches. 

If you decided to sew your patches to your leather jacket, one thing you should always take note is that once you take off your patches from your leather jacket. Sewing it will leave holes made by the needle to where the patches once were in your jacket. 

It is also essential to use a sturdy needle that is suitable for leather and transparent nylon thread or polyester thread. Cotton threads are not suitable for sewing in leathers because the chemicals used to dye the leather will rot the cotton thread. 

So decide where you want to put your patches by trying different layouts at first. Don’t be afraid to play with different layouts! Lay down your jacket on the table and arrange your patches until you find a design that you like. One tip is to choose one patch as your focal point and then build out from there.

Once you’ve found a design that you like and you’re ready to sew it on, pin your patches to the leather by using pins. (you can also use tape) So that your patch layout design adheres to the leather and keep it still while you’re sewing it on. Just remove the pin before you finish sewing your patches on the leather jacket.

Everyone has their way of stitching. This DIY Patch Leather Jacket shows how easy it is to sew patches to your leather jacket. Follow this easy and simple tutorial, and you will succeed easily. 

Here are some tips on sewing patches to your leather jacket.

  1. Make sure you have the right materials.
  2. Remember, “less is more,” don’t overdo your leather biker jacket with patches. 
  3. Use a heavy-duty needle and a thimble. Thimble protects your fingernail.
  4. Remove some stitching on the lining of the jacket so you can run your hand under it, and when you sew on the patch, you can keep from sewing through the lining.
  5. If you can’t remove some stitching on the lining, try to keep the lining smooth and centered so it will not tear or bind when you put it on. 
  6. Start and end the threading from the inside of the leather jacket they will not see that the knots and ties you will make from the outside.
  7. Keep each stitch very close so it will not come loose or get caught and ripped.

Are you looking for more patches ideas for your biker leather jacket, DIY? With patches, you can use any patch you want, experiment with patches design until you get the design that you want.  Here are some of our patches that will look great on your leather biker jacket.

  1. Ride With Pride Eagle Backpatch Iron On Biker Patches

Ride With Pride Eagle Backpatch Iron On Biker Patch

This “ride with pride” patch with an eagle tattoo inspired iron-on embroidered patch is will be a perfect back patch on your black leather biker jacket. Show your pride with this patch!

    2.  Live Free + Ride Hard Motorcycle and Skull Iron on Patch

Live Free + Ride Hard Motorcycle and Skull Iron on patch

This black twill backed patch design is a must-have!

Fantastic detail in the threading on the skull-topped pistons, motorcycle front end, a flowing red banner with a popular saying of “Live Free + Ride Hard” backed with a red-colored pinstripe design! Who can not like this patch???

Black edging makes sewing on easy if you want to put it on an item that may be damaged by the heat trying to iron it on.

    3. Motorcycle-Black/Grey Motorcycle Iron On Biker’s Patch Applique

Motorcycle-Black/Grey Motorcycle Iron On Biker’s Patch Applique

Harley Patch–If you ride, this patch is a must! 100% embroidered with meticulous detail paid to the engine parts, wheels, lights, and pipes. You will love this motorcycle patch!

4. Captain America Shield Logo Iron On or Sew on Patch Applique

Captain America Shield Logo Iron on or Sew on Patch Applique

This Captain America Shield is a quality made iron-on or sew-on patch with rich and dark navy embroidered onto white twill backing. Everyone loves to sport this! You can sew or glue this patch on the sleeve of your jacket. 

5. Daredevil Iron On Namedrop Patch Applique

DAREDEVIL Iron On Namedrop Patch Applique

If you enjoy tempting fate and never turn down a dare, then this patch is for you. “Daredevil” is embroidered in red thread onto a black twill fabric and outlined with a raised edge border. 

Patches are a perfect way to personalize your leather jacket. Whether you choose to use glue or sew it on your leather jacket each, have different results, so it is best to choose what you think is the easiest and best way for you. 

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