Hobbies and Interest Patches

Collecting patches is a hobby that continues to grow in popularity. Everyone loves to collect something, and there is something for every collector. Many people find collecting something fun and an enjoyable hobby, from basketball cards to pins, sneakers, watches, pens, and even patches.

Patches are a favorite collector’s item because they are easy to collect, inexpensive, colorful, and available in any design. They are also easy to store and use. There are patches for just about any hobbies and interests imaginable, from patriotic patches to interests, hobbies, and children’s patches. 

Many people choose to collect patches because they are great for expressing themselves. They are also easy to use and are even used for marketing branding, team-building, and celebrating accomplishments and events. Each patch has unique designs that can carry a special meaning that connects to the hobbies and interests of the collector. Below are some of the collector items’ patches.

Patriotic Patches

(2-Pack) Arizona State Patch -Black & Gray- American Flag US United States of America Military Uniform Emblem Patches      Patriotic Superman Rhinestud Iron On Patch      Cowboy Hat with Rope & Gloves Western Iron on Patch      Bald Eagle Head with American Flag Iron On Patch

Sports Patches

Glove, Ball and Bat Gear Iron On Sports Patch      Plaid Golf Bag with Flags Iron On Golfing Patch      Skiing “Ski” with Equipment Iron On Sports Patch      Four Basketballs Sports Iron On Patch

TV/Movies Patches

Star Wars Trooper Badge Iron on Patch      Superman Fist Flying Iron On Patch      Family Guy Stewie – Go to Hell Iron on Patch      Avengers Logo Iron On Patch

Motorcycle Patches

Hell on Wheels Orange Eagle Back Patch Iron On Patches      Red & Grey Motorcycle Iron On Biker’s Patch      Hell on Wheels in BROWN Biker Iron On Patch      Motocross Is Not A Crime Sports Iron On Patch

Animal Patches

Cockatoo on Perch Birds Iron On Patch      Tropical Fish Sea Life Iron On Patch      Adorable Beagle Dog Iron On Patch      Mother Cat and Kitten Iron on Patch

Fashion Patches

Glitter Lips & “XO” Iron On Patch      Beauty Cosmetics Makeup Ensemble Iron On Patch      50’s Accessories Set Iron on Patch     Private: 50s Pink and Black Striped Dress on Dress Form Stand Iron on Patch

At LaughingLizards.com, we have a wide selection of embroidered patches of any hobbies and interests. Our creative team has created all sorts of patches of different sizes and shapes through the years for various purposes. We are a one-stop-shop for all your embroidered patch needs. Whatever hobbies and interests you have, we’ve got you covered. We also do custom patches for your personalized patching needs. If you’re interested in learning more, simply fill out our free quote form or email us. Let us show you how easy ordering patches can be. 


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