We have compiled a list of answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), concerning our policies on ordering and shipping. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

– How can I tell how large an item is?

Clicking on the title or picture of an item listing will open the item details page which will have the dimensions listed in the items description area. All are listed in inches of width x height, measured from the outer most points, so if a letter has a loop at the top, the measurement will begin at the top point of the loop sticking up, not the body of the letter itself.
If the item description does not show the measurements, please email or call us for dimensions rather than assuming.  Item size in pictures may be misleading as they are all scanned individually and cropped to show the details of the item, so you cannot assume how large an item is in perspective to the image or other images around it.

– What if my items are out of stock?

At this time, we will ship to you what we have in stock. If the item is a

regularly stocked item, we will automatically place it on backorder for you.
If the item is a limited stock item or discontinued, we will refund the money
for the missing items and ship the rest of your order to you. If this is a
problem, please include notes in the order to contact you if anything is
low on stock. We will call you before processing and shipping to see if you
can use a substitute or if a back-order is a possibility for the item.

– How long does it take to process an order?

Most orders are shipped within 1-2 business days (M-F) of the order being placed.

Shipping & Handling

Please see our Shipping section for info Shipping/Handling costs and times:  SHIPPING INFO

Shipping to a different address

In order to ship to a different address (other than the address registered on your method of payment), you must indicate in the checkout process in the Billing Info section of the checkout by checking the box under your Billing Address that says “Ship to different address”.  If the credit cards’ statement you are using, does not go to the address you are indicating in billing, the payment will be declined.  If attempt to correct the address and re-submit the order, sometimes your bank thinks someone is testing your card and declines the second as attempted duplicate payment. It is best to wait a little to re-submit the order.
You can store multiple addresses if you open a user account, which will also allow you retain your order history.

Do we give discounts?

Yes! We do offer discounts for buying certain amounts of the same item or buying a total dollar amount per order!  Please see our DISCOUNTS page for details!
We also will work with other wholesalers to see if we can work out a discount to fit your needs! Never hurts to try, email us or call and discuss what you are working with!

– How do I Iron on my patch or rhinestones?

You should have received a business card in the baggy with your items which has instructions on the back, however, if your sight is not that of Wonder Woman, we realize you probably can’t read it with the highest level of magnifiers around!  LOL!  In this case, please see our full detailed iron-on instructions here:  IRON ON APPLIQUE INSTRUCTIONS


Let us assist you with turning your company logo or idea into a custom embroidered patch or rhinestone iron-on applique. We can accommodate a wide variety of sizes and colors. We can usually get an estimate for you within 48 hours.  Please email us the following information, which is what we need from you in order to obtain a FREE quote! [email protected] com

1) Image – Send us a jpg or bmp image (resolution is not important for quote but at least 400 dpi for digitization will be necessary. We cannot open zip files due to computer security reasons.)
2) Size – Let us know what the dimensions should be (at least one maximum dimension and we can increase it proportionately.)
3) Quantity – Let us know how many of the design you need (Minimum for production is 50 pieces per design.  We can do less, but they may be VERY costly.
The largest price breaks are usually from 50 to 100 and from 300-500.  If you are not sure, please request a few ie…. “Please quote Qty 50, 100, 300”)

4) Iron on – Let us know if you require a heat seal backing for iron on or no backing if you will be sewing on. (Iron on usually is only another .03 -.05 a patch and you can sew through the backing if you select iron-on but don’t use it.
5) Shape – What shape would you like your logo on? A circle/rectangle/oval backing shape or would you like it cut out around the design?
6) Embroidery percentage – 100% embroidered or can we use a majority color of your design as backing color and embroider accent colors onto it? Every stitch adds cost, so using mixed media saves cost! See examples below
-For example of a logo stitched onto black twill as the backing color, click here: Star Wars Oval Logo .  This is more cost effective (stitching the grey on twill) than embroidering the entire patch.  This design, because the      letters dont touch, has to be on some sort of backing shape.  If they did touch, you could do a lettering cutout patch in a format like this: “Star” Patch
-For an example of a cutout patch that is 100% embroidered, click here: Toucan Cutout Patch .  This is more costly than using a red or blue backing and embroidering all the other colors onto it, yet it does look richer,    thicker and more full.
4) What media would you like the design in?  Rhinestone, Rhinestud, Nailhead, or mixed?  Stones are more expensive than studs and mixing the 2 can really give your design a pop!
– For example, this necklace design uses multiple stone/stud types for its unique look! Heart Necklace
Rhinestones are clear stones that can have color variations as well, Rhinestuds are a metal faceted stud, Nailheads are a metal type stud with a round dome instead of faceting.


We can have your free quote for you in appx 48 working hours which will have no hidden fees and a very accurate approximate shipping range!  It does take a while to get custom designs produced, so we usually advise customers to place their order and pay the deposit AT LEAST 4-6 weeks available before your deadline!  When receiving your quote, you be advised of the deposit amount due to place the order, which is usually 50% of the applique cost.  You will be sent a high-resolution scan of the applique for approval before the entire amount are produced. You can either approve or make changes at this time.  Once it is approved, the production is ordered.  The balance is not due until we receive the appliques and they clear the quality check, then we charge the balance and them right out to you!

Store Credit

You may use your credit to purchase merchandise of equal value or towards merchandise of greater value. At this time, all store credits must be redeemed by phone or email orders.


All stock designs are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the written permission of its originators and creators. For information on obtaining permission please email us at: [email protected] com

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