Embroidered Patches for Martial Arts

Anyone who loves martial arts knows that martial art patches are a big part of the many disciplines in the sport. Embroidered patches are one of the many ways to decorate martial arts uniforms and gi’s because they are part of the culture and play a significant role. So whether you are involved in karate, kung fu, jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, and other martial arts disciplines, patches are a part of you.

Martial arts instructors and students take pride in their chosen sport. They often celebrate their accomplishments through patches. Here, at Laughing Lizards, we have martial arts symbols and phrases that you can incorporate into your uniforms. We also do custom patches for your own designed martial art patches, which you can use as rewards, memorabilia, or gifts.

Martial Art Patches

Here are some of Laughing Lizard’s patches you can use for martial arts.

1.5 Inch Star Iron On Patch (10 Pack)      (10-Pack) 1.5 Inch Gold Trimmed Embroidered Star Iron On Patches – Black      1.5 Inch Gold Trimmed Embroidered Star Iron On Patches – Blue      1.5 Inch Gold Trimmed Embroidered Star Iron On Patches – White

White 0-9 Iron on Patch 1-1/4″H – Sold Separately      Masters Club Martial Arts Iron On Patch      Black Belt Embroidered Iron On Patch      Iron On Letter Patches, 2″ Block Letters & Numbers

Martial arts patches are typically colorful and bold, with details of the particular discipline and logo. These martial art patches are often attached to martial arts uniforms that are worn during practices or tournaments. Some symbolize the student’s rank, awards, or other meanings important to martial arts students. Martial art patches are also presented to those who demonstrate they have mastered a particular lesson. They are also used decorate the different colors of belts for different ranks. 

Here at LaughingLizards.com, we have patches of all sorts. We have everything you need for your DIY projects, business, sports, and organization patches from children to sport or holiday patches.  So whether you’re looking for your shirts, jackets, backpacks, or any garment, we can help.  If you can’t find the patches you’re looking for from our collections, don’t worry. You can order custom patches from us. Our creative team is always ready to help you bring your patch ideas to life. 





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