Embroidered Iron-on Awareness Patches

Patches are more than just a stylish accessory to any garment or DIY project. They are also a great way to promote and market any business or organization. While patches are ideal for clothes, uniforms, shoes, bags, and more, you can also use patches for whatever use you want, like spreading awareness to a cause or organization. One popular cause and organization that is often supported by many today is the “breast cancer awareness” and the “LGBTQ community.”

We often see the awareness ribbons for breast cancer awareness, but embroidered iron-on patches offer something different. They not only decorate shirts or any accessories, but deliver a message of unity, support, and love. This is done by using different colors and patterns which are associated with the cause or issues. One great example of an awareness patch is Breast Cancer Awareness, in which pink ribbons are used to indicate one’s support for the cause.

Breast Cancer Awareness Patches

Breast Cancer Awareness Sequined Iron On Patch      Breast Cancer Awareness Rhinestone Hotfix Applique      Breast Cancer Awareness Iron On Patch

LGBT Patches

Love Wins Equality Iron On Patch      LGBTQ Pride Iron On Patch      Pronoun Patches | He/Him | She/Her | They/Them | He/They | Each Iron On Patch Applique

Other Awareness and Patches for a Cause

Stop Environmental Abuse Iron On Patch      Be Kind Iron On Patch | Be Kind with Rainbow Iron-On Embroidered Patch Applique      /I Got My Covid Vaccine Patch / Vaccinated Against Covid Patch Set


Other awareness ribbons and patches include HIV/AIDS, Autism, Mental Health, Cancer, and many more. On the other hand, patches for a cause such as LGBT, Black Lives Matter, Ecology, and many more are also popular as iron-on patches. Patches are perfect for spreading awareness and a cause because they can easily be attached to any garments or accessories. You can iron, sew or glue them to your shirts, hats, backpacks, jackets, etc. 

Here at LaughingLizards.com, we have a selection of awareness and for a cause patch. We also offer custom patches for your specific awareness or cause patch. Our creative team is always ready to help you create your dream patch. We supply high-quality patches at great prices with excellent customer service. So whether you’re looking for awareness or for a cause patch to promote your organization and cause or decorative patch to show your style and personality, we’ve got you covered. We have patches for everything. So order now and let people be aware of your cause!

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