Embroidered Flower Iron-on Patch

Embroidered patches are accessories that have withstood the test of time. While other trends have come and gone, patches have stayed and are even getting more and more popular, even in modern fashion. Patches are undeniably classic, and if you’ve browsed some fashion blogs lately, then you know patches are back.

Embroidered patches are often used to customize and adorn clothes, bags, shoes, quilts, and other accessories. They are also great for decorating DIY projects, costumes, and event decorations. One popular patch design that is very popular with DIYers is the embroidered floral patches

These embroidered floral patches are versatile and can be used in almost anything. They are widely used for adorning clothes, bags, shoes, souvenirs, costumes, and other accessories. They are fun and unique, and perfect for any DIY project.

At Laughing Lizards, we offer top-quality patches. We have a wide selection of flower patches and appliques. Our creative artists ensured these flower patches would fit your needs. 

Brighten your and your child’s clothing, bags, and accessories with these patches from our flower collection. Choose from our flower design to express your creativity. The details and embroidery on these patches are beautiful. Here are some of our high-quality embroidered flower patches.

Rose Patches

  Red Roses On Stem With Buds Floral Iron On Patch   Red Rose with Leaves Floral Iron On Patch with Sparkling Thread   Sparkling Rosebud Iron On Flower PatchRed Rose on Vine Floral Iron On Patch

Daisy Patches

  Sparkle Daisy in Blue Iron On Flower Applique   Sequin Daisy Iron On Floral Patch   Pair of Daisies on Stem Iron On Floral Patch \Iridescent Daisy Flower in Pink or Yellow Iron on Patch

Hibiscus Patches

  Large Shimmering Hibiscus Flower Iron on Patch: Red   Green Chiffon Flower Iron On Floral Patch Hello Kitty Face with Pink Hibiscus Flowers Iron On Patch   Pink and Yellow Hibiscus Flower Iron On Patch

Decorative Trim Patches

  Small Pastel Daisy Chain Iron On Patch Red Oriental Flowers on Vine Iron-On Patch     Strip of Roses on Vine Floral Iron On Patch Blue Chiffon Daisy Cluster Vine Floral Patch Iron On

Christmas/Fall Flower Patches

  Christmas Sparkly Layered Poinsettia Iron On Patch in Red Fall Leaf Sequin Green Maple Leaf Iron on Patch     Christmas Sparkly Layered Poinsettia Iron On Patch in White Fall Leaves Trio Embroidered Iron On Patch

Now that you’ve seen some of our embroidered flower patches. It’s time to think of your next DIY project. If you’re new to patches, the easy ways to attach embroidered patches on clothes guide will give you ideas on attaching patches to your clothes. Order now and turn old clothes into something new and fashionable with Laughing Lizards patches. 


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