DIY Crafts with Iron-On Patches and Appliques

Iron-on Appliques Dog Lover Iron-on Applique A Pair of Koi Fish in Vines Iron On Asian Patch Applique Navy Anchor with Red Ships Wheel and Gold Rope Iron on Patch Tan Red Hat Lady with Sequined Earring and Hat Band – Large Mommy’s Little Girl Iron On Patch Applique Large 7.5″ Neon Nailhead Starburst Iron on Applique Batman Iron on Patch Applique English Bulldog Face Iron on Patch Applique Large 4-1/2″  Lizard Playing Polo Iron on Patch Sneaker & Ball Iron On Sports Patch Applique Ballet Toe Shoes in Sequined Heart Iron On Applique Gold Shimmer Cross w/Amber stone Center Religious Applique Bald Eagle with American Flag Iron On Patch Applique Magic Mushroom Iron On Patch Applique Mother Cat and Kitten Iron on Patch Applique Trio of Medium Primary Colored Hot Air Balloons Iron On Patch Applique Silver Sequin Treble Clef Iron On Music Patch Applique Shimmering Owl with Sequins Iron on Patch Applique Surfing Patch – Endless Summer Scene

Iron-on appliques are a fashionable and stylish way to update your wardrobe and turn it into something unique that expresses your personality. Our iron-on appliques come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors that suit any garment, so if you want to decorate your classic denim jacket or update an old pair of pants, you will have a lot to choose from our collection. 

Iron-on appliques are not only good for turning your old denim into a work of art. You can also use iron-on appliques on blankets, bags, cards, clothes, leather jackets and pretty much anything that you can make of. There are plenty of DIY ideas that you can think of and plenty of appliques to choose from. All you need is a creative imagination because applying iron-on appliques takes only a few minutes, and the results can last for a long time.

We are happy to offer different categories of iron-on patches and appliques. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the category, you can type what kind of appliques you need in our search bar, or you can go to our “custom patches.”  We can make the design you want if you want something that is custom made for you. 

In our categories, we have included something for everyone. We have animals, flowers, people, shapes, symbols, quotes and almost anything you can think of. Whatever theme your next DIY craft project will be, we are sure you will find your perfect iron-on appliques and patches here.

Here’s our DIY Iron-on Appliques Ideas to turn your old clothes into something creative:

1. How to Make a Cute Custom Baby Onesie

Cute Unicorn Applique on a onesie

Now that you’ve chosen your iron-on applique, it is easy to use it to decorate on clothing. I’ll show you how to applique your baby’s onesie into a cute unicorn onesie, everyone would love. This DIY is so simple, yet the result is so cute ad adorable. 

First, you need to gather your materials.

 Iron-on Appliques

  • Fabric scissors
  • Onesie (must be 100% cotton and of any color and size)


  • Iron
  • Pressing cloth (you can also use a handkerchief or cotton pillowcase)


1. Prepare your iron: To properly attach your applique, be sure to turn up your iron to a high heat. Make sure that your fabric is a match to the heat. 

2. Position your patch: Choose the perfect position for your applique. Try different layouts for you to see which is the better place to attach your applique on.

3. Use a pressing cloth: To protect your onesie’s surface and applique, place a pressing cloth between the iron and the applique. Press the iron downward and hold it in place for 45 seconds. Do not move the iron around because this can shift the position of the applique.

4. Flip and repeat: Once the applique is attached to the onesie, turn the onesie inside out and lay it flat on the ironing board again. Put the pressing cloth over the reverse side of the applique and iron again. Once the applique is securely attached to the onesie, allow it to cool completely.

2. How to Use Iron-on Appliques to Refashion old clothes by

In this video tutorial, iron-on appliques and rhinestones are used to get an old piece of clothing trendy again. In the first project, iron-on rhinestones and studs are used to give an old denim jacket a rockstar look. Iron-on rhinestones and studs are so easy to use; all you need is an iron, old denim jacket, and some iron-on rhinestones and studs.

A high fashion runway show inspired the second project, where an old cardigan was decorated with appliques to turn it into a high fashion inspired cardigan. 

The materials are easy to find, and the steps are easy. You will have a fun and creative time doing this project on your own.

3. How to Use Iron-on Applique: Super Heroes Iron-on Appliques By SimplicityVideo

Need a quick superhero costume? Watch this short tutorial for DIY ideas on how to apply various super hero designed iron-on appliques for a costume you could use on any occasion, or maybe just turn your plain colored shirt into something interesting and attractive.

Our super hero iron-on patches and appliques collection:

wonder woman patch Batman Logo Iron on Patch – Small Superman Logo LARGE Iron on Patch Captain America Shield Logo Iron on or Sew on Patch Applique

4. How to Decorate a Gift Bag with Iron-on Appliques

This video tutorial is so easy and simple, and a great and fun DIY craft project for moms and kids. A simple canvas bag is used in this tutorial, but you can use any bags you like, like backpacks. Our site has many cute appliques that your kids will surely love. 

5. DIY Monkey Birthday Invitation Card

This creative birthday invitation card uses monkey, green vine leaves, and letters iron-on appliques.

DIY Monkey Birthday Invitation Card


  • Appliques

Block Letters- METALLIC GOLD Iron On Letters (2″H) Sold Separately      Small Banana Iron On Fruit Patch Applique       Embroidered Hanging Monkeys Iron On Animal Patch Applique

  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Scrapbook
  • Colored pens
  • Ruler


  1. Cut the scrapbook paper into your desired size.
  2. Make a margin on the sides and color with a dark green colored pen.
  3. Color the scrapbook with apple green color for the background and carefully lay out the patches on where you want to glue the patches.
  4. When you’re sure of your layout, glue the appliques, and dry.
  5. When the card is dry, write the date, time, place and anything you want to add. There it is, you’re done! Your birthday invitation card is ready.

Tips For Applying Iron-On Appliques:

1. Use cotton fabrics: As much as possible use, 100% percent cotton fabrics to avoid burning your fabric. You can use other fabrics like polyester or silk for Iron-on appliques too, but you use the sewing or gluing method. 

2. Wash and iron our fabric: Wash your fabric and dry it out without using fabric softener once your fabric is dry press to remove wrinkles.

3. Be careful with your layout and double-check placement: Be sure that your iron-on applique is where you want it to be attached and double-check if it is centered or aligned correctly.

4. Set the heat in the right Iron settings: Preheat your iron to the setting that matched the cotton fabric. Do not use steam. Work from the right-left and top to bottom in ironing your applique. 

5. Use pressing cloth: Use a pressing cloth to protect your applique and fabric. Do not iron your applique directly, put a pressing cloth between the iron and the applique. You can use a handkerchief or old pillowcase as your pressing cloth.

6. Be careful when laundering: Your iron-on appliques are machine washable. However, it would be best if you should turn your clothes inside out during washing to prevent abrasions from other items in the wash load.

You, too, can make fashionable statements from items already in your closet. Use iron-on appliques to refashion clothes into something you love. So start your DIY now, and you’ll be amazed at how many designs you can create our collection of iron-on appliques.

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