Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas with Patches

Valentine’s day is only a few days away, and we are all thinking of what is the best gift we can give to our loved ones. Finding the perfect gift for someone you love is not always easy and expressing love is not about giving expensive gifts. A simple gift can be worth more than a precious gift if you spend your time and effort because what matters most is that the gift is given from the heart. So, give something that will leave a long-lasting mark in the heart of your loved ones by giving them something unique. 

Patches are one of the perfect and unique gift ideas that you can give this Valentine’s day. A simple DIY patched gift can turn your gift into something memorable because it will show that you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into the gift.  Here are the reasons, why patches are perfect for gift ideas.

1. Patches Give Gifts A Personal Touch

Giving a DIY patched gift shows you have taken time to get to know your loved ones, and you incorporate your knowledge into a gift made just especially for them. These will make them special and cared for, which will help in creating a deeper personal connection.

2. Patches Can Make Your Gift Unique

Whether you’re using embroidered sew-in or iron-on patches, it will instantly make your DIY gift unique because with patches design possibilities are endless. Giving something that is personally made by you makes the gift unique, and priceless than any store brought gift.

3. You Can Customize Your Gift With patches

With Patches, you can customize your gift that will suit the personality of one person you will give the gift. Patches can also make an ordinary gift into a one-of-a-kind gift. 

4. Patches Show You Care

Giving a customized gift is one way of showing others that you really care about them. As a receiver, seeing that someone has gone an extra mile to make something unique will make you feel good. People give gifts because it makes us and other people happy. 

So, are you ready to get creative this Valentine’s Day?

Here’s our DIY patched Valentine’s Day ideas you could use to surprise your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

1. DIY Patched Double Gloves

Kids and adults will surely love this DIY patched gloves, and the emoji heart will make your heart stay calm and warm.

Patched Gloves


  • 2 pairs of knit gloves (any color)
  • Fabric scissors
  • A piece of protective fabric
  • Iron-on patches and iron

LOVE Iron On Patch Applique      Emoji – Kiss Emoji Patch STICKER


  1. Make a layout of where you want to put your patches on the gloves. Place a protective fabric on the top of the glove and patch.
  2. Press with an iron according to the direction of the patches. If this is your first time applying iron-on patches read  “How to Iron On A Patch.”
  3. Repeat on the other glove and you’re done!

2. DIY Hearts Patched Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

A DIY hearts Valentine’s Day card can make it more unique and sentimental. As the gift of a patched card can help express uniquely your message. Hard paper patched cards are very durable, which helps preserve memories of your Valentine’s Day gifts. 

DIY Hearts Valentine's Day Card    DIY Patched Valentine's Day Card


  • A piece of hard paper (white or in your favorite color)
  • Glue for crafts
  • Scissor
  • Hearts patches

Iridescent Double Pink Hearts Iron On Patch Applique      Rainbow Heart Shaped Patch      Tiny Heart Iron On Patch Applique: Multiple Colors      Winged Heart in RED Iron On Patch AppliqueHeart Embroidered Iron on Patch Applique      Floral Heart in PURPLE -LARGE- Iron On Patch Applique      Floral Heart in PINK -SMALL- Iron On Patch Applique      Small Tribal Hearts in RED Iron On Embroidered Patch Applique


  1. Print the paper with your message, or you can handwrite your personal note on the paper. 
  2. Cut the card from the paper (to any size and shape that you want), glue the patches, and adhere to the paper, and there it is! You have your personalized patched card. You can send it or give it personally.

3. Patched Coffee Cup Sweater

If he loves coffee, you could buy him a mug or a reusable coffee cup and pair it with a patched fabric cup sweater for a more personalized gift. With a fabric cup sweater, you can customize an ordinary coffee cup with a patch that fits his personality. A personalized patched fabric cup is perfect for keeping those hot coffee warm and keeping his hand’s dry form smoothies or iced coffee drinks on the go!

Patched Coffee Cup Sweater


  • Reusable coffee cup or coffee mug (any size)
  • Plain crochet coffee sweater (you can make your coffee fabric by cutting plain colored old fabrics by cutting and sewing it to a size that fits your coffee cup)
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissor
  • Patch (you can select your own choice of embroidered patches)

Emoji – Heart Eyes Emoji Patch STICKER     Elephant in Natural Environment Iron On Jungle Patch Applique


  1. Sew your choice of a patch to the coffee fabric, and  you’re done! 

4. DIY Pillowcase with Floral Patches

In this pillow case tutorial, Holly Wade used the intricate floral appliques patches that are often used around clothing necklines. Instead of using those patches for intended use, she used it in outlining pillow corners. Unlike some other patches, these long, intricate floral patches require a little more work to attach into the fabric. However, this project is still so easy to make and also an excellent Valentine’s Day gift.


  • A solid pillowcase, cotton or similar fabric 
  • Iron
  • Dish cloth or pillowcase
  • Floral appliques or floral embroidered patches
  • Iron
  • Dish cloth or pillowcase
  • Floral patches (Here are our suggested floral appliques and sew in embroidered patches that you can use in your DIY floral patched pillowcase).

  Small Flowers on Vine Iron On Floral Patch Applique – Pink    Small Pink Flowers with Berry Bunches Iron On Patch Appliques     Red Oriental Flowers on Vine Iron-On Patch Applique    Large Pink Flowers on Vine Iron On Applique


  1. Heat the iron in the cotton setting. (You can also sew embroidered patches on this project)
  2. Lay the pillowcase on a flat surface and iron out any creases in the pillowcase.
  3. Arrange the patches on the pillowcase. Holly, placed two in each corner.
  4. Place a dishcloth or pillowcase over the patched areas and press with iron for a few minutes. Carefully move the iron back and forth with close attention to the smaller sections like leaves.
  5. Check carefully if the patched have glued into the fabric.
  6. Once all the floral appliques are ironed in place, you’re done! Insert a pillow to see the result. 

“No gift is too small to give, nor too simple to receive, when it is wrapped with thoughtfulness and tied with love.“   L.O. Baird

Patches are an easy and simple way to add meaning to your gift by adding a personal touch. Our wide selection of patches can help you make many unique designs that will be a great hit this Valentine’s Day.

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