Butterfly Patches

Summer is here, so many of us will enjoy the outdoors. Designing something fun, like embroidered patches that show your eye-catching style, is one of the fun and creative ways to spend your summer. 

With our wide selection of butterfly patches, you have wide choices for your DIY needs. Here at Laughing Lizards, we have patches of any kind, shape, and size that are perfect for any DIY project. Our butterfly embroidered patches and appliques are some of our best-selling patches. Here are some of our butterfly patches:

Large Pastel Swallowtail Butterfly Iron On Patch     60’s Multi-Colored Butterfly Iron On Patch      Pink & Lavender Chiffon Butterfly Iron-on Patch

Small Decorative Butterfly Iron On Patch: Multiple Colors     Monarch Butterfly Insect Iron On Patch (5 Pack)     Fancy Sparkle Butterfly Iron On Patch – Large: Multiple Colors

Hearts Of Love Teddy Bear Iron On Patch      Black, Yellow & Orange Butterfly Iron On Patch     Brilliant Side Wing Sequined Butterfly Iron On Patch

Butterfly Rhinestone/Rhinestud Appliques

Multicolored Rhinestud Butterfly Iron on Applique – Large     Pink Butterfly Medium Rhinestone/Rhinestud Iron On Hotfix Applique     Medium Rhinestone/Rhinestud Butterfly Iron On Hotfix Applique: Blue

Patches can be used in many ways, and they’re perfect for updating any garments, including shirts, jeans, hats, and accessories such as bags, shoes, and backpacks. Patches are also great for decorating scrapbooks, costumes, and other DIY projects. 

Let our cute butterfly patches serve as a reminder never to stop evolving and sour this summer! The embroidery of these patches is top quality, and they are easy to use for whatever DIY project you have in mind. You can attach these patches by ironing, sewing, or using fabric glue. If you don’t know how to attach patches, just follow these easy steps

Ordering is super easy here at Laughing Lizards, so choose your favorite butterfly patch now and enjoy unleashing your creativity this summer!

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