Awareness Iron-on Patch

No matter what cause you support, patches for a cause are an excellent way to raise awareness. Patches for a cause often extend unity and deliver a message in a unique and versatile way. They are a creative way to show care and bring recognition to any cause. This is shown through the different patterns and colors associated with various issues. An example is a pink ribbon used to draw awareness of breast cancer.

Other awareness patches and ribbons include environmental awareness, health issues, charity campaigns, socio-political issues, and even awareness of an existing business. These awareness patches can consist of flowers, badges, patterns, and symbols that draw attention to a cause.

What’s excellent with awareness patches is they can be attached anywhere, on clothing, hats, backpacks, and other accessories. They are ready to sew on, glue, or iron on any clothing material. Attaching these awareness patches is so easy. You just have to be creative to achieve the desired result.

Here are some of our high-quality awareness patches.

Breast Cancer Awareness Iron-on Patch

Add this embroidered Breast Cancer Awareness patch and appliques to your collection. These patches are ideal for customizing anything from your denim jackets, hats, bag, jeans, and shirts. Iron this pink ribbon on your shirt and wear it in October to show your support during breast cancer awareness month.

     Breast Cancer Awareness Rhinestone Hotfix Applique      Breast Cancer Awareness Iron On Patch      Breast Cancer Awareness In Pastel Pink Iron On Patch Breast Cancer Awareness Sequined Iron On Patch

Environmental Awareness Iron-on Patch

Help save our environment with these environmental awareness patches. These environmental patches are great for students as a fun and creative way of encouraging their support for our environment. Let them decorate their backpacks and lunch bags with these patches

     Recycling Round Ecology Iron On Patch      Blue-Green Earth Heart Ecology Iron On Patch      LOVE Earth Environmental Iron On Patch      Plant A Tree #TeamTrees Iron On Patch

Peace Iron-on Patch

Promote peace with these beautifully embroidered “peace” iron-on patches. These attractive and beautiful patches will make a great gift to anyone who likes supporting a good cause. Decorate your shirts, jackets, bags, scarves, hats, and other accessories to show your support for peace.

     Peace Iron On Patch Applique with Flowers      Pastel “Peace” in Peace Symbol Iron On Patch      Rainbow Peace Sign on Black Felt Iron On Patch      Ecology Peace Sign Iron On Patch

Other Awareness Patch

These awareness patches are great for showing your support for a cause. Great for decorating cards to show your love and support for a cause or organization. You can use these awareness patches to decorate your shirt, hat, jacket, bag, and other accessories. 

     Go Green Environmental Ecology Iron On Patch      LGBTQ Pride Iron On Patch      Int’l Recycling Symbol Ecology Iron On Patch

Custom Awareness Patch

The benefit of using a custom awareness patch is it can be created for any organization like foundations and charities. Custom awareness patches sell well at fundraisers and other charity events, providing an opportunity to raise money for a cause while giving people something memorable and meaningful.

If you or your company want specially designed awareness patches, you can order custom embroidered patches from us. If you are unsure what to include on your awareness patch, don’t worry. Our incredible team of artists and graphic designers is always ready to work with you in creating and designing your custom patch. 

At Laughing Lizards, we provide high-quality awareness patches at a low cost. We have a selection of ready-to-iron, sew or glue awareness patches. The quality of our patches and our customer’s satisfaction is our priority. So shop your awareness patch now and start showing your support for your favorite cause.


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