Animal Patches

Brighten up yours and your child’s clothing, bags, hats, shoes, and other accessories with cute embroidered animal iron patches from our animal patches collection. From a colorful butterfly to a growling tiger, there’s always an embroidered patch for everyone. 

Browse Laughing Lizards’ wide collection of animal iron-on and animal glue or sew on patches. Each of our animal patches is made of a high-quality embroidery thread that will not fade or bleed. 

Here are some of our cute and adorable animal patches:

Butterfly Patches

These attractive multi-colored butterflies are perfect for adding color to your DIY projects. Make your old clothes look like new again by decorating them with these beautiful butterflies. 

    White and Red Butterfly Iron on Patch     Butterfly Blue Morpho-like Iron On Patch     Brilliant Side Wing Sequined Butterfly Iron On Patch

Dog Patches 

These gorgeously detailed dog patches are the perfect way to show your pride in being a dog parent. You can also use these patches to decorate your pet’s blanket, or towel, or bed. 

    Pair of Small Dalmatians Dogs Iron On Patch     Adorable Beagle Dog Iron On Patch English Bulldog Face Iron on Patch – Small     Red Hat Poodle with Umbrella Iron On Patch

Cat Patches

Check out our cat patch selection for the best in unique and beautiful cat patches.

    Trio of Slender Cool Cats Iron On Patch     Mother Cat and Kitten Iron on Patch     Large Himalayan Cat Iron On Patch Satin Cat Iron On Patch: White

Bird Patches

Our Bird Patches collection is excellent for any collectors or DIYers looking for a realistic and majestic animal. Perfect for decorating clothes, bags, quilts, towels, and other projects. 

Small Peacock Bird Iron On Patch     Birdhouse with Birds and Pink Flowers Iron on Patch         Multi-colored Flamingo Bird Embroidered Iron on Patch Bald Eagle Midflight Embroidered Iron On Patch

Fish Patches

Laughing Lizard’s Fish patches and appliques collection is all about water creatures! We’ve included everything from tropical fish to turtles and other marine animals.

    Double Yellow Fin Tuna Fish Patch Iron On Pair of Koi Fish in Vines Asian Iron On Patch      Golden Trout Fish Iron On Patch Two Tropical Angel Fish Sealife IronOn Patch

Farm Animal Patches

Are you looking for farm animals for your child’s animal collection? Come and check our wide selection of animal patches. Your child will love these patches on their clothes and accessories. 

    Pig Iron On Patch     Tiny Cow Farm Animal Iron On Patch     Realistic Horse Embroidered Iron On Patch Small Chicken Farm Animal Iron On Patch

Wild Animal Patches

Our Wild Animal patches including giraffes, lions, zebras, elephants, and even dinosaurs and other wild animals you can think of. Perfect for scrapbooking, art decorations, or just collect these beautifully designed patches as part of your collections. 

Elephant in Natural Environment Jungle Iron On Patch     Lion in Jungle Brush Safari Iron On Patch         Curious Zebra in Grass Embroidered Iron On Patch Large Pair of Friendly Giraffes Iron On Patch

Cute Patches for Babies

These lovely animal baby patches will look great on your baby’s onesies, blankets, cloth diapers, towel, bibs, and other baby accessories. Simply iron, sew or glue these patches, and you’ll have your personalized baby clothing and accessories.

    Cute Bulgey Eyed Frog Iron on Patch 2-Pack Cute Children’s Puffy Embroidered Giraffe Iron On Patch     Smiling Black & Yellow Bumble Bee Insect Iron On Patch     Happy Crab Children’s Sea Life Iron On Patch

Insect Patches

You’ll be surprised with how adorable Laughing Lizard’s insect patch collection is. There is certainly a beautiful patch for everyone, from cute tiny ants to bees and other colorful insects.

Chiffon Winged Bee Iron on Patch Applique – Small     Ants thieving A Cupcake Iron On Patch Rated 5.00 out of 5 Gold Iridescent Sequin Dragonfly Insect Iron On Patch

Holiday Animal Patches

We have animal patches for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and other occasions too. Decorate your holiday decorations with patches for a more personalized and meaningful holiday celebration.

Thanksgiving Turkey Iron on Patch         Christmas Penguins Iron on Patch Christmas Puppy & Kitten with Lights Iron On Patch

These animal patches are great for decorating and customizing clothes, bags, shoes, and other accessories. They are also perfect for decorating any DIY projects such as costumes, scrapbooking, school projects, etc. These animal patches are so versatile you can use them in almost anything. 

Simply iron, sew or glue these patches into your clothing to transform it into something different and stylish. So start unleashing your and your child’s creativity by doing a DIY patch decorating project together. 

No matter what style of patch you need, here at Laughing Lizards, we have an extensive collection of patches. We are your number one source for the best patches, and we also accept custom patches. Our creative team is always ready to help design and create your personalized custom patch. So order your favorite patch design now and show us your DIY patched projects. 


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