13 Amazing Rhinestones Appliques DIY Craft Ideas

Looking for DIY crafts using rhinestone applique? Here are the 13 amazing rhinestone appliques DIY crafts ideas you will surely enjoy.

  1. DIY Rhinestone Bridal Sash

If you want something sparkly but don’t want to spend too much, try this project. This beautiful faux couture bridal sash is simple to make. 

DIY Bridal Rhinestones Appliques

Create this stunning DIY rhinestone sash. This project is also perfect for adding bling to your party dresses.

DIY Rhinestone Appliques Sash

2. DIY Grape Vine Appliques–curly wire rhinestone appliques for dance costumes

Rhinestone appliques were used to decorate this beautiful belly dance costume. The step by step process is shown in this video. Mao called her design the grapevine applique.

3.  DIY: How to add sparkle to a vintage dress with rhinestones applique by Cherry Dollface

Dazzle up your vintage dress with rhinestones for a sparkly vintage look.

4.  Upcycled Boots

Collene upcycled her leather boots by embellishing them with a hand-drawn metallic flower design and then she added hot fix crystal rhinestones for bling. She loved how it gave new life to her pair of old boots.

Shoes Decorated With Rhinestones Appliques

5. DIY Rhinestone Cap

The trick to this DIY Rhinestone Baseball Cap is to use lots of assorted rhinestones to create a beautiful design. Layout your rhinestone design and decide your patter. Take a photo with your phone so you can use the photo as a pattern. 

Rhinestones Appliques On A Hat

6. DIY Clothing! How to Use Iron-On appliques and Rhinestones 

Have fun with Iron-on rhinestones appliques and make your old clothes trendy again. Refashion your old clothes for a new look. Follow this DIY on how to use Iron-on appliques and rhinestones.

7. How to Make Bling Shoes

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to add bling to your old shoes.

8. Sparkly DIY Cell Phone Case

This video shows how to add bling to your cell phone case using rhinestones and glue.

9. DIY Heart and Dagger Rhinestone Patch Bag by BellaGemaNails

Love bags? Watch how BellaGemaNails give life to her little black bag with rhinestones patches.


11.  DIY Home Decor: Make Gorgeous Rhinestone-Covered Bottles by Jamie Block

This rhinestone-covered bottles are beautiful and elegant. They are inexpensive to make, and these will surely add that decorative touch to your home.

Bottles Decorated With Rhinestones

12. Royal Paper Crown

A great DIY project with your kids, make this easy royal paper crown. Comes with printable templates, just print, color and glue the pieces together. Add some rhinestones to make it a jeweled king or queen crown. 

DIY Royal Paper Crown With Rhinestones

13. Rhinestoned Laptop

Wondered how to decorate your laptop with bling? Use rhinestone to add a personal touch to your laptop. We suggest that you cover it with a case first before sticking rhinestones to the actual surface of your computer. Once you’ve done that, follow the Gunny Sack’s tutorial. 

Laptop with Rhinestones

15. Pocket Bling

Make your trendy girly jeans by adding bling to your old jeans. 

Jeans Decorated With Rhinestones

So what are you waiting for? Start your rhinestone DIY now and let your creativity shine!

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