Love backpacks? Check out these DIY backpack ideas to give life, brighten, and personalize your backpack. These top 12 backpack patch ideas will surely inspire you to be creative!

1. Kids Patches + DIY Backpack 

This kid’s favorite collection of iron-on patches gives a more personalized look to his backpack. This project was for a mom who loves patches and her pre-kinder boy who loves iron-on patches. Together they started this DIY project of adding his favorite patches and pins to his school backpack.  It’s great that all his patches have a different story and meaning that he can share with his classmates. 

Kids Patches + DIY Backpack
2. Decorating My Fjallraven Kanken Bag with Patches

Have you started adding color to your bag? Whether it’s one you bought or made, you’ll enjoy this video on how to decorate patches on a Fjallraven Kanken backpack. Wonder Izi, used patches to decorate her new bag, and the result turned out cute!


3. How to Make a Custom Kid Backpack With Patches

Backpacks are expensive! Check this tutorial on how to make a custom kid backpack with patches to learn how to design and make a backpack that will last for many years.  What’s great with making your own backpacks is that you can personalize it to something the fits your kids’ personality.  

Custom Kid's Backpack With Patches

4. Backpack With Iron-on Patches

Kids pick out adhesive patches; Mom finishes the job with the iron. Check this DIY backpack patch idea for kids. You will surely love this super easy DIY tutorial.

5. Packing My Backpack for Senior Year

This video shows how Linh decorates her brand new backpack with patches and pins for her college. 


6. No-Sew Backpack Patches

Want to add patches on plain canvas backpack? This no-sew backpack patches uses Barge (an all-purpose cement often used to repair shoes) to attach patches to the backpack. 

No-Sew Backpack Patches

7. Simple Method for Attaching Patches to Your Hiking Backpack – Camino de Santiago

Here’s a simple method of attaching patches to your backpack. Check out this simple method of attaching patches to your hiking backpack. This DIY is very creative and super easy to do.


8. Customize Backpack with Patches: A Step-by-Step Guide

This method of customizing and attaching patches to your backpack is time-consuming but is also the cheapest way to attach patches. 

Customize Backpack with Patches

9. DIY Iron-on Patches

Are you confident enough in your sewing skills to make something not only from scratch but also fun and decorative for your backpacks? If that’s the case, I think you might enjoy this simple DIY on how to make your own iron-on patches for a friendly budget. 


10. Junior Ranger Backpacks with Patches and Pins

If your kids patches and proud to display some while out and about, why not make this special backpack for them. This DIY backpack displays a kid’s Junior Ranger badges they earn while exploring. 

Junior Ranger Backpacks with Patches and Pins

11. DIY Denim Patches Backpack

Maybe you want to add patches to your denim backpacks to make it a little more colorful and eclectic looking. But you’re new to the DIY world, and you need something simple. Then I definitely suggest this video tutorial on how to easily attach iron-on patches on denim backpacks.


12. DIY Backpacks For Back To School–Easy Craft For Kids

Patches, pins and glue guns were all needed to turn your kid’s school backpack into something fancy and special. This DIY took only 10 minutes to make and very budget friendly, too! Your kids will surely love their cute new backpacks.



Have you made other cute DIY on your backpacks that you or kids were thrilled with the result? If do, tell us about what you’ve created in the comments section. 



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